Reverse Engineering The Future

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Reverse Engineering The Future

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TYPE5 Mission

We believe we can help build a better future. We invest across the spectrum of aerospace and deep technology startups, growing equity and returns for our shareholders while propelling humanity towards the next evolution of prosperity.

Venture Capital And Revolutionary Technology

Venture funds invest an incredible amount of capital in emerging technologies each year. The majority of funds look for startups that can be highly valuable in the future and then invest from there. And some of those bets pay off as startups experience a massive jump in valuation.

But what are they transforming?

We believe in the power of venture capital to propel revolutionary changes in technology. 

At the beginning of the venture capital game, the focus was on transformation. 

A huge spread of revolutionary companies received venture capital funding investing in transformational technology, leading to innovations that pushed the boundaries of applied science, even research and development for its own sake. 

Out of this incredible set of bets, humanity got semiconductors, artificial intelligence, software and hardware computer systems that have knit together the globe and fundamentally changed the nature of human interaction. 

But that was just the beginning of the dreams; our parents, and their parents, wanted more. 

So, what happened to the flying car, the moon resort, the atomic-powered automobile of the future?

Some of those branches of technology turned out to be dead-ends. Sometimes our vision of the future changes. But most modern venture funds are mired in the safe bets, the iterations on existing ideas, trying to find the next startup to get bought out at a massive price. Who’s the next low-character social media platform, the next online game craze, the next big app. None of that is going to transform us.

We invest in those who are engineering the future. 

We still believe in the power of venture capital to propel revolutionary changes in technology. So we look for not just companies with sound leadership and future valuation potential; we look for revolutionaries. It’s going to take a thriving ecosystem of companies, evolving supply chains, and visionary leaders to take us to the future we want. 

The Impact of Venture Capital On Technology At the turn of the 19th century, one percent of the people in the United States controlled twenty-five percent of the wealth–families such as Rockefellers, Hearsts, and Rothschilds. Titans of industry, media, and business whose legacies live on today. The Rockefellers were the pioneers of venture capital, and even today, their descendants put their fortunes towards the future. And the old money isn’t alone.


Venture Capital is the fuel for the private space race


Modern giants are placing their bets, and they are betting big. Elon Musk leveraged SpaceX to a $200 billion company that launches payloads and people into orbit at the behest of governments and private parties alike. Jeff Bezos has turned the firehose of Amazon earnings towards the burgeoning space tourism industry, competing with the likes of Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic.


Creating The Conditions For Entrepreneurs To Innovate


Every company has problem solvers. But not all companies solve problems. 

To get to the future we want, we need people who can envision the future and build what we need to get there. Innovators, revolutionaries, people who can predict the needs, wants, and opportunities in store for us all, and design success. We want to invest in those who are engineering the future. 

Here are a few areas we believe will be critical to our next evolution. 

Visionaries Seek To Change Life As We Know It Technology is the driving force of social, economic, and political advancement. We live in an age of wonders, where we stretch the bounds of our reality daily. 

It was only twelve years from the first artificial satellite to the first human standing on the moon. Gravitational waves detected at LIGO (The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) in 2015. 

How long will it take us to harness the force of gravity, just like we manipulate electricity and heat? How many visionary leaders are out there, ready to take us there right now? 

Our species is at an inflection point, where our understanding of the universe’s fundamental laws is beginning to make science fiction seem like an inevitability. 

The keys to the future are in our hands, but we have to look at investment differently to open the door. Developing a single company isn’t enough. The future needs ecosystems, holistic networks of companies, and leaders that can navigate the uncertainty of the future and bring about fundamental, lasting transformation. 

We need teamwork on a scale not seen in generations. 

So what does a company look like that aligns with our values? 

There is no one answer as diversity brings its own value. 

Here are a few principles that might guide the leaders of the future: 

1.       Changes are not popular, but the more potential they have for disruption. 

2.       Deep technology is inherently difficult to assess, but its complex nature always has potential.

 3.       Good ideas are not enough. Business risk, and the management of it, is essential to success.

 4.       Your minds will shape the future so trust your instincts. 

5.       Your technology will form a backbone of wonders; 

embrace it! 


We believe that a Venture Capital should place itself not only as equity investor but as an ecosystem builder.

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