Einat Berkovitch

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Einat is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with nearly two decades’ experience in business development, leading complex projects, negotiation processes and raising capital. As a former CEO of the Morris Kahn foundation, she recognized an opportunity, which became the "SpaceIL" lunar mission, and was instrumental in making the connections and integration that made the $100 million project possible. Einat has been involved in developing innovative solutions and services designed for Longevity and has a unique vantagepoint in this domain.

Lior Herman

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Lior is an IT Product engineer who worked with leading enterprises like Microsoft, Facebook company, Varonis, IAI, and IDF. Lior is a serial entrepreneur and futurist by heart, an expert in products research and deep tech analysis, technology architecture, and experience in leading companies from early vision to execution and delivery.

Yaron Sagi

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Yaron Sagi is a Global Brands Strategist who've been working with brands like Facebook, Instagram, Apple, Disney, Mobileye and more. Yaron is a well known figure in a world of Branding & Positioning companies, leading companies to IPOs, Exits, and to investments raising. Yaron is the Founder of the global innovation strategy firm Sagi&Co. Inc.

Adv. Udi Danhirsh

Co-Founder & Partner

LL.B in law from Westminister University and MBA in Business from Heriott Watt University, is a member of the Israeli Bar Association and an qualified arbitrator. Udi is Serial entrepreneur and angel investor, he is the active Chairman of the DNH Law Firm based in Tel-Aviv, With 25 years of commercial and legal experience in various fields and in different countries. Udi worked for several years in Ernest & Young. Udi has a substantial track record in accompanying and promoting ventures, leading them from the early Startup stages to a fully viable business. Udi is a co-founder and shareholder of few very successful start-ups.

Aerospace Advisor

Former CTO, Israel Ministry of Defense, Space Program Office. Amazon Prime-Air, Technology vetting at Israel Innovation authority. Trustee and Faculty at International Space University, Expert for Space-related disputes at the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA). Expert Evaluator, at European Commission. Technology Lead at, “ULTRASAT” Program, and Weizmann Institute of Science.

BURT ROSS Venture Partner

Experienced investment manager
for multi-billion-dollar family offices,
hedge funds and institutions.
Trading Risk Manager for eToro. Institutional investors’ policy allocations, methodology, due diligence procedures, investment policy and analysis. financial modeling and insight for institutional investors and industry-diverse venture capital backed companies.

Laurent Bensimon l Finance Advisor

Experienced Product Manager
with 20+ year track record of
developing and bringing global
products to market,
leading enterprise-wide
mission critical initiatives,
driving strategy for some
of the world's largest banks:
Barclays, CITI, Merrill Lynch.

Philipp Steinberger l ISP Vice Chairman

Focusing on direct investments, venture capital and corporate finance for more than 15 years, Philipp has built a strong network, knowledge base and track-record for supporting technology start-ups and growth companies during their fundraising phase and at Board of Director level thereafter. His areas of speciality include deal-scouting and evaluation, due diligence support, investor introduction and subsequent investor relations for UHNW and family office investors.