Yaron Sagi

Co-Founder & Partner

Founder and CEO of SAGI&Co, Global brands architecture and market strategy; Mobileye, Facebook, Apple, Ntrig.

Lior Herman

Co-Founder & Partner

Entrepreneur and product engineer, 15 years experience delivering IT, Cloud, Cyber Infra and Software solutions for enterprises.

Adv. Udi Danhirsh

Co-Founder & Partner

20 years Advocate and business legal expert, entrepreneurs advisory services from early stage to unicorn startups.

Einat Berkovitch

Venture Partner

Former CEO of The Kahn Foundation. Board member at “SpaceIL” lunar mission (The Google Lunar XPRIZE | XPRIZE Foundation).

Dr. Eran Schenker | Bio-Medical Partner and CIMO

25 years entrepreneurship,
space BioMed projects experience. Founder of IAMI and BMH Space, former CEO of CollPlant (NASDAQ:CLGN & TASE:CLPT),
VP Medical Director at KAMADA (NASDAQ & TASE:KMDA).
CIMO at Merchavia holding and investments (TLV:MRHL). Former NASA investigator for the Space Shuttle missions. SpaceTech Mentor at 8400 Health Network's mission, Fisher Institute, the Ramon Foundation, ISA, D-MARS, and BizLabs MedTech.

Burt Ross l Venture Partner

Experienced investment manager
for multi-billion-dollar family offices,
hedge funds and institutions.
Trading Risk Manager for eToro. Institutional investors’ policy allocations, methodology, due diligence procedures, investment policy and analysis. financial modeling and insight for institutional investors and industry-diverse venture capital backed companies.

Ofer Lapid l Aerospace Advisor

Former CTO, Israel Ministry of Defense, Space Program Office. Amazon Prime-Air, Technology vetting at Israel Innovation authority. Trustee and Faculty at International Space University, Expert for Space-related disputes at the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA). Expert Evaluator, at European Commission. Technology Lead at, “ULTRASAT” Program, and Weizmann Institute of Science.

Laurent Bensimon l Finance Advisor

Experienced Product Manager
with 20+ year track record of
developing and bringing global
products to market,
leading enterprise-wide
mission critical initiatives,
driving strategy for some
of the world's largest banks:
Barclays, CITI, Merrill Lynch.